About The Blog

The Motive:

Trying new restaurants is like an addiction for me. I just can’t get enough! Whether it’s studying the menu like it’s a bio book , the anticipation of that new taste dancing on my taste buds, soaking up the atmosphere like it’s the sun, or all three – I want to share that experience with my readers.

The Mission:

Texas is much more than the country plains and thick accents that most (those who aren’t from the South) think. Not all Texans eat BBQ, have a southern drawl, or ride a horse to school. We’re a unique culture made of a melting pot of flavors and people. I want to break these stereotypes mentioned above and prove that everything really is tastier in Texas.

The Location:

Houston —> Austin —> Nacogdoches  & everywhere in between

The Criteria:

What makes a restaurant great? How do you know you love it? What makes it your fav spot ?

To put it more simply, for every restaurant I will state the FACTS:

F – Food

A– Ambience & Atmosphere

C– Cleanliness

T – Taste

S– Service



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