Mini Banana Berry Nutella Pancake Stacker


Disclaimer – I took a few short cuts but who doesn’t like a quick and delicious recipe!

I was looking for something quick and easy before work so I looked in the pantry and saw the glorious shakeable bottle of Bisquick pancake mix & the crack in a jar, AKA, Nutella. ( I said I quit the stuff but I guess I’m back on 😓).

Any who, I heated my pan and poured 4 small circles of the mix. I had originally set out to make regular size pancakes but I was too lazy to lug out the griddle and who doesn’t love mini pancakes?!

While the lil babies were bubbling I decided I should probably add some fruit to this thing. Nutella just has a way of making me feel guilty. I cut up some banana and a couple of strawberries then flipped my pancakes. Multitasking is key!

Once each pancake was done, I plated it and immediately smeared Nutella on to the steaming pancake. There’s nothing like ooey gooey chocolate goodness, at that point it’s basically fondue . Yummm!

Next, I made a neat little layer of banana and strawberry then another pancake hot off the griddle, more Nutella, then fruit… And okay! …You get the picture right.

I topped the whole thing off with more than a dollop of whip cream and a sprinkling of chia seeds ( the Nutella guilt got me again).

I must say that two stackers were quite satisfying and I was full till lunch. Recipe below:

Mini Banana Berry Nutella Pancake Stacker
(Makes 4 Stackers)

12 mini pancakes
8 strawberries washed and sliced
1 banana slices
4 Tbsp Nutella ( You Can Be more Generous if you like)
Whip cream & flaxseeds (optional)

1. Cook Pancakes
2. Cut up strawberries and bananas
3. Spread an even smear of Nutella on each pancake
4. Assemble stackers by alternating pancake with Nutella on it and fruit- Ending with pancake.
5. Top with whip cream
and flax seeds
6. Enjoy!!!